Ready for battle

When I connect with clients what seems to come up most often on their goals, is essentially, that they want to be ready for any battle they face when riding your bike.


Conquering the local kom climb . Or placing higher in their local races a certain part of the year. Or upgrading to a new category so they can face the new challenge of racers with better speed, power and endurance.

It all comes down to doing the right practices and having the right disciplines in order to be capable for any challenge that they find.  

That is our goal here at JoetoPro Cycling - to be ready for that fight. Whether its insider knowledge on local routes and trails, or nutritional practices to give you an edge in performance, or the proper intervals coupled with proper rest to improve past plateaus.

All these factor into being ready to fight, being capable of the challenge. There is nothing like being able to be present in the business end of a race, no matter the outcome. 

(Though it takes wicked hard work that "sucks, but its necessary":

Are you ready for the work?

Tony StewardComment