Train Low, Race High - New Nutritional Approach

I will dive into this a ton more the next few weeks, but it's a new approach to nutrition that I'm looking to tackle in 2016. As a Rouleur in size/ability - trying to stay strong & lean is always a point of focus (sometimes too much). 

I've recently been reading a ton, and putting into practice (25 days now) leveraging a Fat Base diet for a majority of my Training - and then using clean carbs (no grains/oats/pastas) for Race Day. My first race is this weekend down in Cedar Hill, so we will see what the first real intensity of the year produces on this plan.

But I've lost 8lbs, without feeling peekish or weak, in the first 25 days. Inititally it was a lot of easy wins and water weight, but now I'm getting to what's called a "Fat Adapted" state and things have evened out a bunch. I'm still on track losing .5-1.5 lbs a week, but I'm not as focused on calorie counting now since I've gotten a good idea on the proper portions sizes and nutrient options. 

If you want to dive in yourself look up the following resources:

  • Beyond Training - Ben Greenfield
  • Primal Endurance - Mark Sisson
  • The Four Hour Body - Tim Ferris
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