Little Hints - GCN's Sky Training Camp Video

Check out this GCN look at a Team Sky day of Training Camp. There are lots of neat things that pop up into the daily life of a professional cyclist. But a term comes up a couple of times that definitely caught my attention. Below I say what it is, check out the video first though. 

Did you catch it? A rider and the Chef both said it - "Low Carb." When these athletes are working on Endurance - Threshold type efforts they are nutritionally also working on a Low Carb (and thus high Fat) type of plan. Around races and top level efforts - of course carbs enter the scene more dominantly  - but when it comes to a lot of training it seems Low Carb - Fat Utilization is part of the plan now. 

Interesting! Especially from a team that is highly focused on any Marginal Gains.