It's not just about Speed.

You can underline "just" in the title in your mind - because I like to go fast on a bike. But this journey in to cycling, and building a performance level fitness isn't only about the finish line. It's also about:

  • Losing Weight: That was my first motivation. I needed a place to start to shed some weight without the impact. Living an active life means more energy and vitality for my family time and more.
  • Dialed Nutrition: You can't out ride a bad diet! Learning how to better fuel your body reduces your weight, inflammation, bad "gut" issues, clears your mind, and extends you life! Not a bad result, eh?
  • Better Relationships. Can chasing after mid-life performance on the bike hurt your relationships? Yup. But when you approach it with intentionality, and personal development, you learn to honor your relationships and the healthy balance they bring. You can't get anywhere great alone - including a healthy vibrant life. 
  • Better Stories: It's one thing to watch sports - it is entirely different to be in the game yourself! That climb you conquered, that race you survived, that podium finally attained - all of it builds a life about being in the story - instead of watching it from afar. 
  • The Best You: This is a little zen - but we believe that the impact of going after a big scary challenge brings the best out in us. It helps us commit to better nutrition, it focuses on rest and better health, it helps us appreciate the people in our life - and it builds in us a willpower and resolve that can't help but pour out into the rest of our life. 

So, it's not just about Speed. But it doesn't hurt.