Road Camp Run Down

Been a long time since I've had an update here, but that is kind of how the winter is = isn't it? We've got Daylight Saving that takes away our evening light, it gets cold, most racing/events are done and we all sorta retreat into our shells to work (or not work) on our fitness for the next year. 

I actually really like that time of year, when you get more of an opportunity to just focus on "you". It does mean more time on the trainer, or solo endurance rides. Has more of a "training" feel to it then always "riding with my buddies." But even that needs to be broken after a while! 

That's why it was a killer experience to be at our OKC Velo Elite road camp this past weekend in Russellville, AR. It's the first one I've been able to attend with this team, and while I know the guys who live in OKC, hadn't gotten much with with the AR, KS and MO guys. And even though half these guys are over 50, they are still full on Elite riders. 

This weekend was different then the Bike Lab Camps I've run the past few years. Those camps were really heavy on the SPORT of cycling - echelons, pacelines, positioning, sprinting, training, tactics and more. But the Bike Lab Team is a development team for Cat 3s and down. Sole focus is to help people learn the sport and know how to progress upwards, if they want. But the guys on the JE Dunn team have been racing for 10-30+ years - if they weren't already familiar with those tactics they wouldn't be there. 

Not that our rides didn't have elements that work on all those things - but it was in the "GROUP RIDE ZEN" kind of mode. That's what I call a good group ride with experienced people where they can sense the good places to let it hangout and have some fun, when to pull it back, when to work together, when to sprint for a city limit sign - a lot less instructions but having fun at the right times.  

That is how the weekend went - each ride took on the character of the terrain and spirit of the group. We had good meals together, talked about the race schedule, shared little insights we were learning along the way in suiting up for another year of chasing after wins.  



[As a note, if you, a group of friends or your team want help organzing a skill based weekend on the sport of Road Cycling or Cyclocross - thats something JoetoProCycling can help you with!]


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